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Production Portfolio
Below is just a sampling of the many productions we have had the opportunity of helping to produce. Enjoy!

Worth Saving - Short Film Trailer

I had the privilege to be the Director of Photography on the short film called "Worth Saving" My friends over at
Block One Studios directed and produced this excellent short film. In an allegorical account of reclamation,
a young man must answer the ultimate question, "Why are you Worth Saving?" Surrounded by a trinity
of judges, he must learn to accept justice and face the consequences of his actions.



Girls Gone Wise - Promotional Video


Bollinger Productions was recently called on by Moody Publishers to help them produce a DVD study resource
to compliment the book "Girls Gone Wise". The motion graphics were created by Carl Larson over at
Telescope Media Group
. We are super excited to see what will come of this resource in the coming years!



Revive Our Hearts - Ten Year Anniversary Commercial


In this commercial we set out to create an analogy of the relationship between a mom and her daughter
and the impact that the ministry of Revive Our Hearts has had on her life.


Prison to Purpose - Life Meant Nothing to Me


Meet Stacey Smith and several other prison inmates. You'll be amazed at how God can change everything
about drug addicts, murderers, those who want to take their own life, criminals of any kind . . . you, and me!